About graphic journalism


rint journalism and comic books have a shared history. Comics and graphic journalism were a product of the newspaper and today the link continues. New comics artists combining journalism with art, creating reportage covering everything from international turmoil to local features.

They work with ink, watercolors, and computers to tell stories that might not make the front page, but offer a level of nuance and meditative depth often reserved for the best investigative reporting. They are “graphic journalists,” and their work is a growing facet of the infographic revolution that is sweeping the journalism world. Graphic journalism offers a powerful opportunity to reach out to new readers and experiment with new ways of storytelling without compromising journalistic integrity.

This type of storytelling is powerful and underutilized form of communication. As journalism struggles to find its way with new technology and economic constraints, and readers are bombarded with more information than ever before, art has a unique power to make readers stop instead of flipping the page or clicking away.

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