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Students, faculty, and staff may pick up a free copy from room 2110 of Marie Mount Hall on Monday to Friday from 8am to 5pm.


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When technology changes, so do the media, regardless of policies set in the newsroom.

P.116, The Influencing Machine

“This is a comic book with zest and brains—and it just might help a reader understand the brave new world.”

New Yorker,

When we care really intensely . . .we can assemble in networks of peers and then draw attention to unreported information. As when, in 2003, documents posted by concerned “netizens” ultimately forced the makers of Diebold voting machines to change some of their practices. Or in 2009, when protestors in post-election Tehran captured the world’s attention by posting cell phone images and video of a young woman’s death in the street.

P.150, The Influencing Machine


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